mera kitchen collective is a worker-owned cooperative. our business is rooted in the values of equity, solidarity, empowerment, and community.  

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Liliane comes to Mera Kitchen from Cameroon. She specializes in traditional Cameroonian dishes like tripe stew, spicy peanut sauce, and beignets. 

Liliane received her MBA in Management from the European University in Cyprus and her Masters in Management in Developing Countries from the University of Paris Dauphine.

Whe she's not cooking, she teaches English to refugees through Baltimore City Community College’s Refugee Assistance Program.

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 Iman arrived in Baltimore on December 1, 2016 after she was told she could come to America from Jordan, where she was staying after fleeing her home country of Syria. Before the war made living her life in Syria impossible, Iman worked for years at the Four Seasons Hotel in Damascus. There, she specialized in traditional Syrian food made with both love and expert precision. 

While Iman arrived in America as a widow with no family to accompany her, her warm and generous spirit has drawn in many friends. Her love for food is apparent - she cooks even the most simple dishes with love and care. 

Iman's goal is to own her own restaurant and she remains excited about the opportunities available for female entrepreneurs here in Baltimore.