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about us

Mera Kitchen Collective is a community-driven, food-based cooperative focused on empowerment of refugee and immigrant women by tapping into their passion for cooking, self-expression and creating community.

We love Baltimore. We also recognize that policies and systems can create structural barriers that make it harder for some individuals to gain access to resources and opportunities -- and easier for others. Our goal as a collective is to amplify the skills and passion of our newest neighbors.

Mera Kitchen Collective hosts pop-up events, and we offer catering services and cooking classes throughout Baltimore City. Our events are hosted in private homes and restaurants, and each event showcases the story and cuisine of a different chef. Mera's chefs come from all over the world and are here seeking refuge; they are eager to put their skills back to use to re-establish an independent, sustainable livelihood. We hope to connect you with our chefs and our chefs with their local community.

Mera Kitchen Collective is a worker-owned cooperative - each chef has ownership in our enterprise that we built together. This allows for each individual to not only strengthen their culinary expertise, but also build equity and have a voice in the operations. Our proceeds go to our chefs, their families, and to support refugees in Baltimore.

Why 'Mera Kitchen'? We chose the name Mera Kitchen because it contains the Greek word meraki, which has no direct English translation. Both a verb and an adverb, it connotes that someone is doing an activity — like cooking — with complete care, devotion, and attention to the task at hand. In a world where our attention is often divided, we believe that there is immeasurable beauty and  power in the collective act of creating and sharing food made with love.

We invite you to learn more and attend one of our upcoming events!